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ProviderTrust data solutions

Exclusion checks,
automated, efficient, accurate.

Healthcare doesn’t have to be complex. Our tools bring siloed data together, simplifying your compliance program and helping protect your organization.

Every exclusion list, checked

With ProviderTrust, you can search the OIG exclusion list, the SAM, and all available state Medicaid exclusion lists. Find out more here.

Worry-free sanction screening

Screen your employees for sanctions and be proactive in protecting yourself against a potential exclusion fine. Find out more here.

Automated license verification

Ensure all employees have up-to-date required healthcare licenses through our primary source license verification. Find out more here.

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ExclusionCheck manual OIG exclusion list checks for individuals
  • Cost-effective, self-service interface
  • Simple, secure batch data uploads
  • Search all available state and federal data sets from one location
  • Easy and efficient reporting tools
  • Accessible client support team
  • Ideal for smaller organizations
  • Nominal fee per search
ProviderTrust automated OIG exclusion list checks for individuals
  • Put your monitoring of individuals on cruise control
  • Dedicated client support team member for your account
  • Ongoing system training and account support
  • Automated, secure batch data uploads
  • Searches all available state and federal data sets
  • Monitoring conducted nightly
  • Manage your data with a easy-to-use dashboard and robust reporting tools
  • Immediate notification system
  • Ideal for medium to larger organizations
  • Fee per individual paid monthly
VendorProof automated OIG exclusion list checks for vendors
  • Simplify and automate all aspects of vendor monitoring
  • The same level of client support, system integration, data searches, and account management tools as the Passport solution
  • Ideal for organizations of any size
  • Fee per vendor, client pay or vendor pay (save money) models
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