Total Yearly Dollar Amount of OIG Fines

The Office of Inspector General HHS is diligent in their pursuit of "bad actors" and cracking down on fraud when it comes to those who bill for services paid by federal healthcare programs.

This graph shows the relationship between federal fines year over year, and is one of many visuals that will help you get a clear picture into how serious exclusions can be for your organization. 

Healthcare compliance data with context

We have a passion for numbers at ProviderTrust, it’s what we do!  So, we decided to take on the challenge of collecting and organizing complex data sets into one intuitive report.

Our aim is to help compliance officers and healthcare professionals across the country get better acquainted with OIG exclusions, fines and penalties, and state Medicaid exclusion reporting.

We have made it our mission to release a quarterly index report on healthcare exclusions to lead the industry with the most up to date healthcare compliance data. We hope you enjoy each release, and value your feedback - please let us know how we can help!