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October 24, 2018
12:00pm CST

Using Healthcare Data Analytics to Connect HR and Compliance

Leveraging predictive data analytics to understand trends across several different internal functions has become a challenge for healthcare organizations today. Healthcare's most innovative companies are turning to data analytics to predict trends, focus efforts to drive efficiencies, understand patient satisfaction and experience, spot potential fraud, and to identify areas of operational strength and weakness, to name just a few use cases. Together, we'll explore how healthcare organizations are beginning to leverage predictive data analytics to address challenges across HR and Compliance functions.

In this webinar you'll learn how best to leverage predictive data to solve some of healthcare's biggest challenges related to HR & compliance. Specifically, you'll be able to visualize the data trends (and how best to manage) between LCR and human resource management, ongoing compliance monitoring and screening, and associated ROI for an organization when both are done well.

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November 28, 2018
12:00pm CST

How to Effectively Manage Vendor Enrollment and Compliance in 2019

Right about now, your organization is likely beginning early 2019 business planning discussions. Specific to procurement and compliance, developing an effective strategy for vendor enrollment, monitoring and management has become imperative for all healthcare organizations. The challenge: designing a process that reduces risk, saves time, is affordable, and helps you run your business more efficiently is hard to do. 

We understand these challenges well. To help you and your teams, we've put together a 45-minute roundtable to share best practices, strategies you can deploy to optimize your existing vendor compliance process, and smarter data insights to inform your internal discussions.

Here's a secret...in 2019, optimizing vendor management and compliance is all about smarter data and efficient workflows. We'll show you why.

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