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Customer Success Stories

Learn how healthcare organizations have simplified their provider and vendor monitoring with ProviderTrust.

Long Term Care

Long-Term Care Customer

When one of the largest long-term care systems in the United States was looking for a new exclusion monitoring vendor, they found the perfect match in ProviderTrust. Thanks to ProviderTrust's constant innovations and extensive long-term care experience, this customer felt comfortable working with ProviderTrust for the monitoring of their 80,000+ providers and vendors.
Regional Medical Center

Summit Healthcare

Summit Healthcare was looking for a better exclusion monitoring solution and came across ProviderTrust. Impressed by ProviderTrust's personality, pricing flexibility, and expertise in exclusion monitoring, Summit chose ProviderTrust and was surprised to find that one of their head doctors had provided the social security number of a deceased individual, a major exposure to risk that had escaped all previous monitoring solutions.
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