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ProviderTrust healthcare compliance webinars

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How to Effectively Manage Vendor Enrollment and Compliance in 2019

Right about now, your organization is likely beginning early 2019 business planning discussions. Specific to procurement and compliance, developing an effective strategy for vendor enrollment, monitoring and management has become imperative for all healthcare organizations. The challenge: designing a process that reduces risk, saves time, is affordable, and helps you run your business more efficiently is hard to do. 

We understand these challenges well. To help you and your teams, we've put together a 45-minute roundtable to share best practices, strategies you can deploy to optimize your existing vendor compliance process, and smarter data insights to inform your internal discussions.

Here's a secret...in 2019, optimizing vendor management and compliance is all about smarter data and efficient workflows. We'll show you why.

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Healthcare Pre-employment Screening vs. Ongoing Exclusion Monitoring

Don’t be fooled! There is a difference between the requirements for a pre-employment background check and ongoing exclusion monitoring. This session will teach you how to properly approach both. Learn how to comply with federal laws regarding pre-employment background screening including EEOC guidance. 

We will also discuss what the OIG looks for during employment regarding exclusions, licenses, and disciplinary actions. In addition, learn best practice in complying with various state and federally required background checks and industry accepted components of an effective background check.

The Anatomy of an OIG Exclusion

Exclusions:  what are they, how are they determined, who issues them and what they mean for your organization?  These are some of the topics that we will cover in this workshop. Learn or re-familiarize yourself with the key components of an exclusion.

We will review what the OIG wants you to know about exclusions and how you can avoid the fines and penalties your organization will suffer if imposed against one of your employee or vendors. 

How To Build A Great Compliance Culture

Building a strong compliance culture is the foundation of any trusted and successful healthcare organization. Your company's culture helps your employees and partners understand what is most important to you. In this webinar, you will learn tips, techniques, and strategies to put compliance at the forefront of your organization.

Worried about getting C-suite sponsorship? No problem, we will cover that too!

The Importance of Collaboration Between HR and Compliance

It’s time to make new friends (if you haven’t already done so)! In this webinar, Michael Rosen and Donna Thiel will cover the important ways that HR and Compliance can work together to set your organization up for success. Join us and learn about what you can do to encourage cross-departmental alignment.

We will cover the steps you can put in place to ensure each employee is properly licensed and has passed a pre-hiring screening. Our team is excited to discuss best practice when it comes to the process and communication that takes place between both departments with ongoing exclusion and sanction monitoring, and license verification. See you there!

How Good is Your Compliance Audit?

A compliance plan is just that - a plan. If you are not conducting effective and routine audits of the compliance plan, then how do you know if the plan is being followed and if your organization is therefore compliant? In this webinar, we will discuss best practices associated with compliance audits. A discussion across many facets of compliance will be addressed and tips on how to conduct an effective audit will be shared. Learn from the experts and bring questions regarding your audit practices.